Sunday, October 27, 2013

Johnny Cash - Help Me

... "Shout out to those who are currently struggling with an addiction. You are not alone!"

... "I'm tired of walkin' all alone...."

... "I reckon problem is with modern world, people are so fucking ego-sentric, I'm pretty drunk so sorry if I'm just talking absolute bollocks.. I'm just sick to death of people acting like they're gods fucking gift.. personally I am modest, if anything I underestimate myself, dunno.. I'm just sick of modern society, the world today just seems so fucking selfish :("

... "music died whit Johnny..."

... "i agree i am not addicted to any drugs alchohal or cigs but my parents were it was tough for me and my brothers for a while but they needed time alone to figure it out and know that people were there for them"

... "Thank you for never giving up on us Johnny. R.I.P. my friend."

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