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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fly, little hot rod, fly!

Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles

Generation old school

Laverda V6

In 1977, Laverda unveiled a V6 at the Milan Show, and went on to enter it in the 24-hour Bol d'Or race held at the Paul Richard circuit in France. While notching an impressive straight-away speed of 175.46 mph (282.38 km/h) during a practice run, its performance in the race was hindered by a bulky build and it did not finish the race. Laverda planned on re-entering the V6 in the 1979 race but rule changes limited Endurance racers to four cylinders and the V6 project was officially ended. (text from

Johnny Cash - Sunday Morning Coming Down

Fall time

Today begins the fall season

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall in Elbe sandstone highlands

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains, also called the Elbe sandstone highlands
 is a mountain range straddling the border between the state of Saxony in
southeastern Germany and the North Bohemian region of the Czech Republic,
with about three-quarters of the area lying on the German side. The mountains
are also referred to as Saxon Switzerland and Bohemian Switzerland in
both German and Czech or simply combined as Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland.
In both countries, the mountain range has been declared a national park.
The name derives from the sandstone which was carved by erosion.
The river Elbe breaks through the mountain range in a steep and narrow valley.

Train station, Zurich West

Hardbridge train station, Zurich with new buildings of
the new district called "Zurich West"

1967 Pontiac GTO

Brothers of the Bike

The brotherhood of urban bikers serves to teach a rich history of power, freedom and the spirit of the open road. Brothers of the Bike is their story. A joint effort with RIDES Magazine, this documentary captures the African-American motorcycle club scene - one of visionaries, artists, leaders and revolutionaries.

Its about the ride not the color , not the bike and not the brand. Crotch Rocket to Cruiser if your riding then thats the bond. Ride On !

Guzzi Black Gold

Guzzi V65 Black Gold
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RMS Queen Elizabeth 2

46 years of RMS Queen Elizabeth 2
 In September 1967, the Queen visited the John Brown and Co
shipyard in Clydebank to launch and name 'hull 736' as the
Queen Elizabeth II or QE2. The QE2 was the last great liner to
be built in the upper Clyde.


Weekend is here!

VW Bulli at full drift

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Grand Canyon sunset

Factory art

.... made somewhere in Zurich

BMW R75/5 - LA style

Meet Josh Withers, a Los Angeles based photographer who
spent two years building one of the cleanest BMW R75/5's
we've seen for a man he had never met.

See the full story as told by Petrolicious over on our journal.