Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Classic: BMW M 635 CSi

BMW M 635 CSi (E24)
built from 1976 - 1989, model shown is an M (Motosport) version and
is equipped with a 3.5 litres 6-cylinder-engine (row six) with 286 hp.

BMW Motorsport introduced M 635 CSi in Europe at the Frankfurt Motor
Show in 1983. It is essentially an E24 powered by the powerplant of the
BMW M1 - the M88 (286 PS (210 kW; 282 hp)). Most of the cars were
equipped with special metric 415 mm diameter wheels requiring Michelin
TRX tires. All M6 cars came standard with a 25% rear limited slip differential.
4,088 M 635CSi cars were built between 1983 and 1988 with 1,767 U.S. M6 built.
Love it, beautiful car!